Our Brands


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Amphenol AAS.   Advanced Sensors



Amphenol PCD. Circular and rectangular connectors, terminal blocks.



APEM.  Pushbutton, rocker and toggle switches, anti-vandal and environmentally sealed switches, MEC tactile switches, joysticks, MMI products, sealed LED indicators.


EIS Wire & Cable.  Custom low voltage electrical wire and cable. Multiconductor and composite cable.


Honeywell Aerospace.  Hi temp and high vibration accelerometers, hi temp ASICs, precision pressure sensors and magnetometers.


IDEC  PLCs, relays, sensors, switches, lamps, light curtains, timers, terminal blocks, circuit breakesr, contactors.



IOTA. AC/DC power conversion and battery charging equipment.



Littelfuse.  Commercial vehicle and transportation sensors and switches, power management, solenoids, ignition switches and battery management.


Pfannenberg.  Robust visual and audible devices for alarm, warning and indication industrial locations and hazardous areas.


Piher Custom potentiometers, position sensors.



Rugged Controls.   Line monitoring systems, rugged programmable controllers, running line tensiometers, control and automation systems, sensors.


Scancon. Industrial and explosion proof incremental and absolute encoders. Fiber optic transmitter and receiver, ex-proof junction box.



Schaltbau.  Precision snap action switches, DC contactors, specialty connectors and sirens.



Sealcon.  Strain relief, glands, conduit, connectors, enclosures.



Sentry Siren.  Wide area signaling. Industrial and outdoor warning sirens, siren controls and accessories.


Silicon Designs.  High accuracy industrial grade MEMS capacitive accelerometers.


SOLA HD.  Power supplies, power conditioning solutions, surge protection devices, drive isolation transformers, UPS.


Spacecraft Components Corp.   Cylindrical connectors for the railways/transit, military, aerospace and various harsh environment markets.


SUNS.  Limit switches, safety switches, foot switches, micro and pushbutton switches, proximity switches, audio/visual signaling.


TT Electronics.  Magnetics, resistors, connectors, optoelectronics, sensors, controls, pedals.