Charging Cable for the Automotive Industry



EIS Wire & Cable recently partnered with a supplier of electric charging units who was developing a new system which required a custom cable in order to be compatible with residential and commercial charging applications. 

Working with the customer’s connector designs, EIS developed a 4 conductor composite charging cable from a 14/3 and an 18/1 core, and applied insulation made from thermoplastic elastomer and fibrillated polypropylene fillers. The cable has a diameter of .390″ and was manufactured to tolerances of ±.010″.

This cable is designed to be extremely flexible, handle 300 V, be lightweight, and withstand temperatures up to 60°C. It is oil, water, and sunlight resistant and compatible w/ SAE  J1772 connectors and NEC 625 charging stations. It also meets the industry requirements for these type of cables, such as ANSI/UL 62 approval, EVE/EVJE level 1 and 2, and has UL listing for indoor and outdoor use.

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