Ex-Proof Fiber Optic Encoder


Scancon’s SCH86BEX Fiber Optic Encoder is designed for ATEX Zone 1 applications where reliability and size are critical. The Fiber Optic version of the SCH86BEX eliminates signal degradation due to electrical noise issues while providing the same superior qualities found in the standard SCH86BEX encoder.


• Ex-Proof (d) Through Hollow Shaft Encoder – Ø 86 mm
• Hollow Shaft: Ø 5/8 inch to Ø 1 inch
• IP 67 (~ Nema 6) Environmental Protection
• Redundant Output Over Two Fibers
• ATEX, IECEx, Russian, North American (ISA/ANSI & CSA standards) Class I Div. 2 and AEx Class 1 Zone 1 certifications

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