EX Rated Inductive Sensors

F1599F1497Now available from EML:

EGE offers a broad spectrum of sensors for industrial automation and process technology applications. All of these are approved for use in hazardous environments.

EGE gas EX sensors are intrinsically safe and are therefore operated with an external EX amplifier (Zener barrier, isolating switch amplifier), which limits the amount of energy that can be brought to an EX environment (Zone 0 or Zone 1). The switching units are either set up outside of the EX area or can be operated in Zone 1 (example: SS400 Ex or SF3).

EGE also manufactures proximity switches and flow controllers for areas at risk for dust explosions. They are operated with a separate switching unit (Zener barrier / isolating switch amplifier) and are approved for use in Zone 20 or Zone 21, which means in areas with an almost always or frequent atmosphere subject to dust explosions.

For areas where hazardous/explosive materials are rare (Zone 22), EGE provides compact units that do not need an external switching device (Zener barrier) and are connected the same way standard proximity switches or flow controllers are.



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