The Electronic Alternative to Electro-Mechanical Signalling

For over 100 years the reliability, performance, maintenance and running costs have been a concern for applications that require the traditional signalling sounds of hooters, buzzers, bells and sirens. Using the latest in SMD class D amplifier technology and digital to analogue conversion, the HOOTRONIC can faithfully replicate all these sounds with the added reliability and performance of a electronic sounder.

The new HOOTRONIC has been successfully trialled at the Port of Felixstowe in the UK. The port’s cranes previously used traditional electro-mechanical hooters, which has several moving parts that are prone to mechanical failure, a major potential problem as cranes cannot operate without a functioning warning device. The HOOTRONIC overcomes this problem by having no moving parts, eliminating downtime and thus increasing productivity. The Port is now replacing failed traditional electro-mechanical hooters with the new HOOTRONIC.

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