L101X – An updated version of an old favourite.


E2S are pleased to announce an update of the L101 beacon to L101X. This now includes certification to the new EN54 Part 23.

Synchronization is a standard feature and products switched on together from the same power supply will flash together for at least 28 minutes.

The EN54 Part 23 versions are approved in both clear and red lenses and for 24V and 48V dc.

Because these new standards use light output to calculate the effective warning distance of the beacon, it is likely that using a clear lens will become the standard in fire alarm systems in the future as it gives much greater distances and hence a more efficient system design.

Prices remain the same as the old version, and together with the high power LED version, L101H it creates a comprehensive range of beacons for many different types of applications including fire, security, industrial, process control and instrumentation. The L101H now has UL approval.


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