Measurement Technologies LCI-80x Torque Display

IMG_1678_transparent_Compressed_1Measurement Technologies are announcing an addition to their product line, the LCI-80x Torque Display.

The LCI-80x Torque displays real time torque and peak torque values with a configurable visual bar graph to improve operational efficiency and accuracy. Project records are recorded to a USB thumb drive to provide reports, traceability and transparency for torque applications.

This product was engineered to improve on torque instrumentation used by Land Based Oil and Gas customers for Power Tongs, Tubing Tongs and other torque applications.

The LCI-80x is an upgrade of the existing LCI-80 (for payout and speed only applications). Future versions of the LCI-80x for Tension Only, Speed and Payout, as well as Crane Applications will be introduced shortly.

The LCI-80x offers the versatility to easily customize user interfaces and other functionality for nearly any monitoring application.




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