New DC Contactors from Schaltbau

The new contactors Series C310 for Energy Storage Systems and DC Charging Stations from Schaltbau offers a reliable alternative to gas-filled devices, which have been commonly used up to now.

Thanks to the new technology, the C310 contactors work without insulation gas. The arc chambers work on a permanent-magnetic basis, ensuring compact dimensions and low weight.

Since both current directions are reliably controlled, the contactors are ideal for all applications with energy recovery such as: energy storage systems, where batteries are charged and then discharged again, battery-powered vehicles, DC charging stations and photovoltaic installations.

The devices are always equally reliable regardless of the ambient temperature. In addition, the monostable type has low energy consumption in the switched-on state.

The first types in the new series are designed for permanent currents of 150 A, 300 A and 500 A.

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