Piher PS2P touchless sensors

• True touchless operation: free from wear and tear.
• Low profile & robust magnetic design that easily adapts to any design.
• Selectable output: analogue (ratiometric), PWM, SPI.
• Programmable angular range up to 360 degrees.
• Resolution: analogue & PWM: 12 bits / SPI: 14 bits.
• Linearity: +/-1% absolute (+/-0.5% upon request).
• Over voltage protection up to 25V.Reverse voltage protection up to -50V.Supply voltage up to 25V.
• Programmable Linear Transfer Characteristic
• Unlimited mechanical life.
• High vertical & lateral tolerance to magnet misalignment.
• Simple, redundant and full redundant versions available.
• Fully encapsulated sealing: IP69k.
• Operating temperature: -40ºC to +125ºC.
• Self-diagnostic features.
• 40bit ID number

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