“QUADRO” Manual Multifunction ferrule tool from ITC

“QUADRO” is a manual tool designed to significantly increase productivity in the termination of control wiring with insulated ferrules. QUADRO (part No. 500.090) performs 4 functions on stranded wires 0.5 to 2.5mm2 (22-14AWG):

  • Cuts the wire;
  • Strips the insulation;
  • Twists the strands;
  • Crimps the ferrule.

This tool can cut wires up to 2.5mm2 (~14AWG) (with most common types of insulation). It then strips them precisely and safely, and prepares the stripped end by twisting the bare strands: this enables easy insertion in the ferrule. For the final operation, no adjustment is necessary: ferrules are supplied in strips within quick-change magazines (refillable): one last pressure on the handles
performs a quality crimp, and the tool is ready for another cycle. Operation is effortless, and the tool weighs less than 1/2lb. Quadro is approved by TÜV-GS (Germany) and carries the CE mark.

Instructional video can be found here:

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