Rugged Line Control Display

LCI-90i_Winch_DisplayThe LCI-90i is a new, next-generation line control instrument that combines advanced signal-processing capabilities with the rugged reliability that made the original LCI-90 display a popular choice for new winch projects and retrofits of existing line monitoring equipment.

Five fully-sealed pushbuttons within a heavy- duty 316 stainless steel front panel access an easy-to-follow English language menu for field calibration changes, I/O channel configuration, alarm settings, network settings, and screen layout – all intuitive and right at your fingertips.

Tension, payout, and line speed are displayed on a bright 320×240 electroluminescent display for unmatched 160° readability in all light conditions. Four I/O channels, serial networking capability, plus USB and Ethernet ports provide flexibility in line monitoring, weighing, or SCADA applications. An internal CF disk permits on-board data logging, and the LCI-90i can be linked with remote displays to create a rig/ship-wide monitoring network.

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