Scancon 2QEX Encoder


The 2QEX encoder is designed for rugged conditions. With a shaft that is mechanically fixed in place and an unbreakable metal or mylar disk, the 2QEX is built to withstand the shock and vibration often encountered during operations in the oil fields, mining or other demanding industries.

Scancon uses a “hot drop” method for constructing its shaft encoders. The mechanically fixed in place shaft gives added protection against excessive axial or radial loads.

The encoders have an environmental rating of IP 67. The seal protecting against fluid ingression from the connector is located inside the encoder housing. Even if the connector is damaged, fluid cannot enter the encoder. The shaft seal is rated IP 67, as is the connector itself.

The encoders have 22 micron anodization for protection against salt water, formation water, and other fluids.

Scancon encoders are ATEX certified EX II 3 G EX nA IIC T5 Tamb -40° C to +85° C

They have stainless steel internal hardware and shaft.

The blind fastener holes ensures that water or other fluids cannot leak into the encoder.

2QEX encoders have unbreakable metal or Mylar discs for all resolutions below 1200 ppr.

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